It’s not a vending machine. Kennametal TooLBOSS™ is a secure, electronically locked tool storage cabinet with 24-hour tool control over high value items like carbide inserts, drills, and taps. It issues tools, returns tools, sends tools to re-work, supports EDI ordering, and has multi-vendor security.


What’s more, it’s easy to use. Users are given access permission, and you can only select tools you’re permitted to access. Each transaction is logged and time-stamped through the ToolBOSS inventory management software.


  • slash on-hand tool inventory by nearly 50%
  • reduce tool consumption up to 30%
  • cut up to 90% of the overhead costs from manual inventory replenishment
  • save up to 6% year over year from tool-use data • the rate of misplaced, lost or missing tools is drastically reduced
  • machine downtime from unavailable tools is almost nonexistent

Let Kennametal help you get there. We offer a number of storage and tracking systems with features and benefits unlike other systems on the market.



Who wouldn’t want up to a 40% reduction in waste? That’s what our Modulo unit can deliver when paired with Kennametal ToolBOSS™. Modulo offers a higher capacity machine at a very competitive price to keep you competitive by keeping your inventory in check.

Single units have up to 120 drawers in up to three different sizes, and you can connect up to 10 Modulo machines. With ToolBOSS software, you have 24-hour tool access and rapid search and selection from one to several tools at a time at the compartment level. Manual override can be activated when needed, and security can be set at different levels.



If you’re tight on shop floor space but need to store a large number of different-sized items, our Roto-Point secure storage unit is the sensible choice.

Roto-Point needs no periodic maintenance, can operate as a stand-alone unit, and stores a wide range of high- and low-usage tools like inserts, toolholders, end mills, and MRO items. It can be scaled from 36 to 468 spaces in a single unit. ToolBOSS™ software controls security to a single compartment level and gives a complete history inventory usage from the unit. Expand Roto-Point to up to 10 units in a system, for up to 4,680 secure storage compartments.


The ToolBOSS™ Journeyman system gives you convenient drawer-level security to industry-standard tool cabinets. That means only the selected drawer is unlocked while the remaining drawers stay locked.

When coupled with a simplified version of the ToolBOSS™ software, you can easily store, search for, and track usage of tools. The easy-to-learn software system helps you manage rework and recycling, along with machine, job, and user.